The Open Game, 1. e4 e5

Apr 2, 2015, 2:47 AM |

An introduction to the various openings stemming from 1. e4 e5 for both the white and black pieces, including the following openings:

Portuguese Opening

Lopez Opening

Vienna Game

Bishop's Opening

Ponziani's Gambit

Danish Gambit

Center Game

Alapin's Opening

Ruy Lopez

Ponziani Opening

Three Knights Game

Four Knights Game

Italian Game

Giuoco Piano

Evans Gambit

Hungarian Defense

Two Knights Defense

Scotch Game

Inverted Hungarian Opening

Konstantinopolsky Opening

Elephant Gambit

Philidor Defence

Latvian Gambit

Damiano Defense

Petrov's Defence

Greco Defense

Napoleon Opening

King's Gambit

Parham Attack

Tortoise Opening