"3 Pillars" of Opening Preparation

"3 Pillars" of Opening Preparation

NM BlakeyBChess

Many chessplayers think that developing a Master-Level Opening Repertoire is unattainable.

I frequently hear players say that they "don't have the memory" to prepare their openings deeply.

Now, I find that this often isn't true. Memorization doesn't have to be as scary as most people think it is, and most players are capable of memorizing complex, long lines if they try. If you don't believe me, watch the video below!

But Memorization is only the 3rd most important pillar of opening preparation! The other two are even more important:

  • Analysis. When preparing your openings, do you rely on rote memorization without understanding? Or, if you see another move that looks reasonable, either for you or your opponent, do you explore it? Do you analyze and play practice games within the openings you're learning, making sure to get some good "takeaways" from each game?

  • Organization. This is a BIG one, lacked by many players all the way up to Master level and beyond. Many players are very knowledgeable about a couple of their favorite openings, but there are huge holes in their opening understanding.


Do you have a systematic approach to developing a top-tier, comprehensive Opening Repertoire in a reasonable amount of time? Or are you stuck jumping from learning method to learning method and hoping something sticks?

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