Opening MYTH: "I can't memorize long lines!"

Opening MYTH: "I can't memorize long lines!"

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One myth that stops many players from developing a Master-Level Opening Repertoire is a lack of self-belief.

They reason that only "genius" Grandmasters with photographic memories can memorize long opening lines, and never put in the effort to do it themselves.

This just isn't true! Work through the exercises with me in the video below, and you'll find that opening memorization isn't as scary as you thought it was.

But FIRST! This is important: Memorization is NOT the most important aspect of a Master-Level Opening Repertoire, contrary to popular belief. Do you want to know about the others, and how you can develop them? Click HERE and let me know. I'll send you a free, exclusive training video about building a Master-Level Opening Repertoire, previously reserved only for my private students.

Enjoy the video! Let me know in the comments how you did in the exercises.

And don't forget to click HERE and let me know you want the exclusive training video, if you're serious about your opening preparation.