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Starting the daily blog.

Starting the daily blog.

Mar 3, 2017, 10:50 PM 0

So I decided i would start my daily blog here. I am very happy to join a community like chess.com. This seems to be a great website for a great game. =), So far i have been playing lvl 3 & 4 bots and winning constantly i feel that once i get up a few more levels i will then begin to play against people once i feel i have a decent hold of mid and late game tactics.  I have done alot of focus on the openings lately because the opening is so important, without a solid opening there is just no possible way to build into a good solid mid game without having a great opening. I am going to continue working my opening,but i am going to be working alot more heavily on mid and late game. I have been reviewing and replaying Grand master games today alot of bobby fishers games and i am getting interested in efim gellars games unlike bobby efim was a more aggresive player when he was coming up the ladder. He turned into a more rounded player as time went on. He is a player that is under-looked at due to not having major  wins or a world champion postition. He was a great player and he actually finished second in the tournament to decide who would play for world champion. He lost to none other then bobby fisher. I cannot wait to replay more matchs efim and fisher had one of the greatest matches ive seen it was great. I will continue to play some more computer games and review and study master games for now. Let me know if anyone would interested in being friends playing some games or study sessions etc... Thank you for reading and now til tom. If i play a game i think is great  or a wonderful opening or other parts or just a overall great game I will list the moves for anyone interested to go over and if there is something you would like me to do or play a game feel free to ask. =) Thanks again guys and look forward to tom =) I AM THE PHOENIX AND WILL BE REBORN INTO A GREAT CHESS PLAYER!!!

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