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No More Daily (Correspondence) Chess!

No More Daily (Correspondence) Chess!

Aug 15, 2016, 3:24 PM 3

I took the rather extreme step today of withdrawing / resigning from all my active daily chess games. I was even winning some of the games but I just can't take it anymore!


Daily chess has to me become a nasty addiction and no matter how many times I say "well I will just finish up these games" I either advance to the next round or start a new tournament a few days later. It just never ends and then you combine it with the phone app it's like a friend nagging you to play day and night. The tournaments make it even worse because it's like 10 games going on at once. 


It got to the point today where I was just annoyed with playing and just started making moves with no plan and little to no thought just so I could clear the notifications from my phone. So I just said enough is enough, it gets in the way of work, it gets in the way of family time and heck it even gets in the way of my productive chess time.


All those pointless hours could have been spent on tactics or playing real time control games or going over a chess book. Anything would be better. I think these games were making be worse as I would develop bad habits during these games, make lazy stupid moves and not calculate, just play mostly on intuition or for an attack. 


Now I am not suggesting everyone should follow my example. I am sure many people out there have a healthy daily chess habit but I did not and I am cutting it off cold turkey. Maybe I will delete Facebook from my phone next who knows.   

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