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Road to Improvement #2

Road to Improvement #2

Jun 20, 2016, 12:12 PM 1

Well the train came off a tracks a bit since my last post. 


On May 12th I had total hip replacement surgery. Everything went well and I am almost back to 100% but my training plan get derailed for about 6 weeks. I had intentions to keep up the studying but the reality of trying to recover from surgery and keep up with everything else was too difficult. So I focused on my physical health as needed. 


Well I am about ready to get back all it with full focus. I decided instead of trying to go it alone I am going to find a coach. I looked at a few different coaches and found one that looked good for my needs. My first lesson is this Wednesday the 22nd. 


Aside from that this week I am going to get back to drilling tactics and I might play a few 30 minute games before Wednesday so I have some fresh games to review. I also see the doctor again on Wednesday and expect to get a full clearance to return to work next week. 


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