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Road to Improvement #4

Road to Improvement #4

Aug 8, 2016, 1:56 PM 3
So I played an all day tournament on Saturday. G.45 d5 USCF rated.
I scored 2 out of 4. One of the games was against a kid rated like 200 something who just hung all his pieces so I won't waste any time talking about that. I felt as the day went on that I got better. Not just better that day but a better OTB player altogether. If you only play online I urge you to get out there and play some real life OTB in rated tournament conditions. It is a totally different experience than playing online.
I have chosen to highlight two games. Honestly this is mostly so I can look back in a year or two and think gee was I really that bad happy.png. Both of these games were annotated by me without looking at any computer analysis. This gives insight into what I was thinking right or wrong.
This first game I thought got pretty good. And generally both sides played well. I've had struggles with 1. d4 as black so I continue to work on my Dutch Defense.  
Another game against a slightly less accomplished opponent. I will say one thing about ratings. Don't think you can look at your chess.com rating and think oh they are only 700 something rated USCF, those numbers are not comparable at all! I would estimate chess.com ratings are inflated compared to USCF by at least 300+ points.  
My conclusions are compared to last week I am starting to see the board better. Those last two games it was like something clicked. I think if I keep pushing another couple months I am going to see big improvements. The other conclusion is I am still not seeing things clear enough to win consistently at this level but I am making progress and that is all I am hoping for. 

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