How I played a Bullet Brawl against Daniel Rensch

How I played a Bullet Brawl against Daniel Rensch

NM Blitzstream
Dec 19, 2014, 5:23 AM |

It was Wenseday night. It was already 00:30 and I was just finishing a thing on my computer while my wife was calling me to come to sleep. At this moment I made the "mistake" !

For some reason a tab was open on my google chrome, and when the screen popped-up, Hikaru was playing against IM Daniel Rensch. Danny was losing 9-1 (I believe) but what caught me, is that he had an absolutely winning position, somehow Hikaru turned things around using a dozen of seconds and now it was dead draw. Danny was just in time to flag Hikaru and won the game !!!!!

Hikaru suddenly left, I wrote on the chat to congratulate danny for the win and offered him to play a couple of a game. after a short chat we decided to make a dual commentary, and here I was in a Bullet Brawl with my wife asking me for the already 3rd time when I will (finally) come to bed.

The match lasted 26 games you can find a lot of them with my commentary on this video

It was already 01:45 and I had the body filled-up with adrenaline. I was still very excited and happy about the outcome of this semi-marathon. I was now not quite ready for a sleep, but to my good surprise guess what ... The light in the bedroom was still switched on :-)