Chloe Chess: Dog with a Blog

Chloe Chess: Dog with a Blog

Jul 26, 2013, 4:40 PM |

    I have had an incident recently related to Chloe chess made up by Chloe in the Disney show Dog with a Blog. In the show, Chloe, a little girl, makes up silly rules while playing chess with the dog, Stan.

For example:

Stan: (Moving the rook forward) "I believe I have put your king in check."

Chloe: " Chloe chess, you can't move your rook without a permit from the city."

Stan: "No."

Chloe: (Holding up a piece of paper with red writing) "Well I do." (Takes a vacuum and sucks up the rook)

Here's a link:


    One day, I was teaching chess strategy and plans to my young sister. I thought I was doing good. I had her annotating her thoughts on a piece of paper after each move so that she could remember and understand what was going on in the board. I simply played moves not in the intent of winning but allowing her to get to know the board (I actually planned to let her win to up her confidence). Here is our game with her annotations.


    Suddenly, my sister smiled and said, "Let's play Chloe chess, your knight (on f6) is on a booby trap. Pew, pew." She chucked the piece in the air and it shattered on the floor.

"Nooo!!!" I yelled. Luckily it was her board and pieces and not mine or I would have been even more furious.

"Ohh...I didn't know that would happen." She said innocently.

We still haven't finished the game.