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Cody Gorman v Larry Parsons

Cody Gorman v Larry Parsons

Oct 3, 2012, 4:20 PM 1
I have decided to go over a game between me and the 17 time champion of Idaho, Larry Parsons. It has become popular in the state since Larry Parsons rarely loses a game.
It has been three months since I had this amazing victory, and I decided to analyze it more now that I have gotten better.
Larry Parsons was not boring in his opening play for this simul. He played e4, d4, c4, and Nf3. I knew he was better than me, so I decided that I would play a defense that I knew well and felt comfortable with. By playing 1...Nf6, I allow myself to be flexible to what I will play next.

After 2.d4, I was very happy since I could go into my pet Queen's Indian Defense with 2...e6. After 3.Nf3, I was still intimidated, but not sweating gallons like two moves earlier.

After 7.Nc3, I new he was going to play 8.e4, so I played the old main line of the Queen's Indian Defense with 7...Ne4. I prefer this to 7...d5 or 7...c5.
The last part I will analyze deeper is on move 29.


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