Eastern Idaho Open

Oct 3, 2012, 3:46 PM |
 I went to a tournament last weekend and completely swept the competition. I had a perfect score of 5-0. According to the history books, this has not been done in that tournament since 1975. I decided to go over the games I played in this blog.

Round 1

My opponent was way too passive in this game. He let me take full control with my c, d, e, and f pawns.
Round 2 
After this game, I was tied for first place.  
Round 3
Round 4
I was now in first place. My next opponent was assured. He was Hans Morrow. He was much older than me and actually won the state championships back in 2007. He had also tied for first in a previous Eastern Idaho Open.
Round 5
My last opponent was Gary Owen. He had won the Eastern Idaho Open 7 consecutive times.
I hope you enjoyed these five games.