Queen's Indian Attack

Aug 3, 2013, 10:57 PM |
     I was contemplating one day while studying the King's Indian Attack why such a thing as a Queen's Indian Attack does not show itself in mainstream play. Surely, it must be solid since white will have one extra move.

The Queen's Indian Defense

The Queens Indian Attack


    I have played this position for white mulitple times in blitz games. I have found the extra tempo to be helpful, but not necessarily giving white an advantage.

    The problem generally related to reverse positions for white is that white has to give away his plan a move earlier. For example:

The King's Indian Defense



On the other hand:

The King's Indian Attack

This same setup for black should be reccomended to black in the Queen's Indian Attack.


Also, white in these positions can play d4, transposing to a queen's pawn game. This could make the b2 bishop misplaced which black should take advantage of.

Here is part of an example game between Michael John Basman and John Keene.

Keene eventually won the game with a closed position and better use of his pieces.

Now to return to my question of why isn't there an opening called the Queen's Indian Attack? What do you think? Why are there not reverse openings such as a reverse Benoni, Gruenfeld, or Leningrad Dutch?