Teaching My Sister Chess 1

Sep 10, 2013, 6:05 PM |
    In the last blog, my sister unthinkably threw a piece up into the air and it shatered. Well, we glued it back together and I was able to get my sister back down to the game.

    She is fairly decent. She knows the basics of developing pieces and castling in the opening. She just doesn't have enough confidence in herself to do well (especially when I'm the only person to play against).

    We talked and she has set the goal that she wants to win a medal at the upcoming scholastic tournaments here in Idaho. These tournaments are run by the Western Idaho Scholastic Chess League (WISCL wiscl.org).

Here is on of our training games:


    My sister said after that she wanted to learn endgames more since that is where she messed up. I set up this position and we played.
    My sister ended up losing, so we setup the position again. Of course there are many ways for black to win. What is the most obvious?
    My sister has lots to learn. She does appreciate the game and is getting better.