BlueGator456's Blog-11/12/11

Nov 12, 2011, 4:08 AM |

BlueGator456's Blog-11/12/11

Today is 11/12/11 and yesterday was 11/11/11, the second to last palindrome in our dates for this century. 12/12/12 will be the last palindrome in our dates for this century, exactly a year and a month away from today, so don't miss it and mark it in your calendars for next year! Today I have played the most boring Chess game ever on, and its seems my 11/11/11 luck is fading away. In that boring game, I took advantage of the empty space and built a pyramid of pawns like a "V" when geese fly in the air. So, my opponent built spikes to prevent me from charging my pawns. I started putting defenders to defend my pawns, so after that, I didn't want to move any of those pieces, so I transformed my pyramid into spikes. His knights kept on attacking me and I couldn't get them, so I resigned. I was unable to get the PGN for the game because I accidently copied a part of my blog when I meant to click "paste." I will be better with my blogs the more I post. Sorry!Undecided Instead, I will make a puzzle of the 2-move checkmate, (that I think is also called, "The Fool's Mate.") The 2-move checkmate is the quickest checkmate in Chess history, there is no 1-move checkmate unless you start the game of Chess like this:







Okay, now here is the 2-move checkmate, or "The Fool's Mate":







I do not recommend the 2-move checkmate or "The Fool's Mate" because you will probably never play an idiot that is dumb enough to make those moves that leaves your king open and it does not do anything good, but a) highers your chance of being checkmated and b) lets your bishop out. And do not make those 2 moves that white did, unless you know that your opponent does not know the 2-move checkmate or "The Fool's Mate."

The new is better than the old because people were saying that the Live Chess used to only have the Live Chess games and no  Live tournaments. The Live tournaments probaby attract more players to Live Chess and and probably attracts more basic members, (free members) to buy memberships such as the Gold membership, the Premium membership, and the Platinum membership. I have been wanting to buy the Premium membership, just for the tournaments, but I feel the Live tournaments could be made better, like actual players making Live Tournaments instead of the computer. Also, if you are interested in buying a membership, but don't know which one to buy, then check out my description in my opinion of the memberships:

  • Gold membership-puts gold star next to your username, for players who just want a few extra features and/or for players who are cheap.                            
  • Premium membership-puts diamond next to your username, for players who are not too cheap, but don't want to pay the money for unlimited features and/or players who want more features, but don't want not too many features and not too little features.
  • Platinum membership-puts crown next to your username, for players who want unlimited features and are willing to pay the money.

I am not discouraging any memberships, I am just giving a description. I recommend the Premium membership because it is not too expensive, but it has more features than the Gold membership. If you have a topic you would like me to talk about, then send me a message or go on my profile, and leave me a note. Or, if you have any feedback or suggestions to send me, then you can send me a message or go on my profile, and leave me a note, too. Thanks for reading this entire blog!