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BlueGator456's Perspective of Chess.com-11/13/11

Nov 13, 2011, 5:18 AM 0

BlueGator456's Perspective of  Chess.com-11/13/11

Hello viewers of my blogs. Surprised to see the new name for my blogs? Well, I have decided to change my blog name, in order to attract more viewers, to tell what this blog is really about, and the other name, "BlueGator456's Blogs" is just a plain, old, boring name that most people on Chess.com have. So, I thought, "Why not change the name for my blogs to something that will catch a viewer's eye?" So, today, I have officially changed the name of my blogs to "BlueGator456's Perspective of Chess.com. I didn't really want to put "BlueGator456's Perspective" because it doesn't show what the perspective is of. So, viewers might not think that the perspective is of Chess.com, at first. So, I just decided that I should change the name of this blog to "BlueGator's Perspective of Chess.com." I know it seems kind of long, but fi you want to suggest another name to me, then send me a message, or leave a note on my profile.

Is anyone joining the New Members vs. Experienced Members vote chess game? I will be joining that game because I was looking forward for a vote chess game where 2 groups play against each other. I do not know if I should join new members or experienced members because I am not a new member to the Chess game, but I am a new member to Chess.com. If you have an opinion on which group I should join, please send me a message or leave a note on my profile, within 24 hours, because that is when the game starts. So, I will be looking forward for you to join that game, but remember it starts in 24 hours.

I think there should be a research study in how your IQ relates or has a connection to Chess because it seems like I have become smarter as I get better in Chess and as I practice more. I do better on exams, tests, quizzes, schoolwork, and homework, now. I no longer need help in Math, in fact, my Math teacher said that I had a perfect score in Math. If Chess does relate or have a connection to IQ, then some of the Chess players could be the next cancer researcher that finds the cure for cancer, or be the next doctor to save many, may lives. I hope someone reads this and gets the word out about my blogs and/or this paragraph that focuses on IQ and Chess.

For some reason, I have been checkmating people with only a queen and a pawn before they are moves awa from checkmating me. I seem to be getting better at Chess really rapidly, and I am making my way to the 800s as my rating. Most of my ratings on Chess.com are in the 700s... only 1 or 2 are above that or below that. Thanks for reading my blog! That is all for today's blog. If you have any suggestions for any of my blogs, then please send me a message or leave a note on my profile.


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