Weekly News-December 4, 2011

Dec 4, 2011, 5:35 AM |
1 Weekly News-December 4, 2011

Hello, everybody, this is the first edition of this blog and over the past week I have been collecting news on On this blog, I will include BugHouse Chess on, the site redesign, the Live Chess redesign, and the change to the Fair Play Policy. Well, first, I will start with the site redesign.

Well, the staff has been working on a project to redesign The redesigning will make have a more modern look. If you just figured out where everything is on, then don't worry, everything is going to be in the same place, it is just going to look different. It might take some time to get used to the change, but at the end you would probably like it. I do not know when this redesigning is going to happen, but if you would like to know when it does and view the comments from members like yourself, then click on this link to go to the forum about it:

The redesigning will be happening soon, so you probably want to know what will look like, so you don't get confused on why looks different! Also, there has been some other redesigning to Live Chess, if you hadn't noticed.

Well, the staff redesigned Live Chess last week, so it would fit the new Fair Play Policy and so it will be a little better. I have a forum about the Fair Play Policy and DeepGreene has been giving me and everyone else details through that forum. I will get the link to my Fair Play Policy forum and that forum is under "Live Chess." It used to be under "Help and Support," but then the staff moved it to "Live Chess." Well, the old Fair Play Policy basically stated, that if you have been aborting or frequently disconnecting or stalling, you will be no longer to play random people, you can only play your friends, but now that does not happen to everyone. Now, most people can only just play or resign anyone until their aborting/disconnecting percentage goes below the line. The staff members won't be telling you what the line is, so don't ask them. On Live Chess now, you can also start Analysis games (only for Premium Members) under the preset games on Live Chess. Also, after you finish a game, it shows the results next to your name, and it looks like this: (1-0) or this: (0-1). That only appears next to your name, when you rematch the person and before you exit the game. It doesn't appear anywhere else like the Chat Rooms. I think that is either all or most of the changes on Live Chess. If you have any questions about the Fair Play Policy, then go under my Fair Play Policy forum and ask your question about the Fair Play Policy and I will try to answer it.

Well, I have been recently posting in someone else's BugHouse forum suggesting BugHouse Chess, and I have been posting in my BugHouse forum, too. I think BugHouse would be a great addition to the site because it would be like Live Chess, where you play Live. I will get the link to my BugHouse forum and another BugHouse forum and a BugHouse website. Here is the link to my BugHouse forum:

I seem to be having some problems with some of the links in my BugHouse forum. Here is the link to a BugHouse website:




 Well, BugHouse is like 2 vs. 2 Chess, where 2 people are on a team and they play the other team. You have to use 2 boards and someone has to be white on your team and someone has to be black. You do not have to say "check" when you put the opponent's king into check or your opponent puts you into check. The king also does not have to move when he is in check. You can just simply capture the king, like you capture any other piece in Chess, or you can checkmate the king. When you capture your opponent's piece, you have to give it to your partner, so your partner can use that piece. You can place a piece anywhere on the board except, if it is on the back row, and if you put your opponent into check. Well, I think that is all for today, so if you have any news to give to me, just send me a message or drop a note on my profile. When you give me news, I will post your name on my blog to credit you for the news. If you do not see most of my links, then that means I haven't posted them on this blog, yet. This blog will probably be finished by Monday, so just check to be sure that all of the links are there, or you can wait to read this on Monday! Thanks!