Topic of the Day-11/17/11

Nov 17, 2011, 4:11 PM |

Topic of the Day-11/17/11-BugHouse Chess and Chess Origins

Have you ever heard of BugHouse Chess? Have you ever played BugHouse Chess? Well, if you don't know what BugHouse Chess is or How to play it, then it's about time you should get in on the fun. Well, BugHouse Chess is played with 4 players (2 versus 2) and with 2 boards. If you capture a piece, you then, must give the piece to your teammate to use. (Same for your teammate.) And, if your teammate gives you a piece, you can place the piece anywhere on the board, except at the end of the board, (the "a" file for white, and the "h" file for black) except when another piece is there, (it can be any piece, you or your opponent's piece) and when you are putting your opponent into check or checkmate. Usually, you capture the king to win the game, but sometimes you can checkmate them, too. Also, you do not have to say "check" when you are putting someone else into check. I recommended BugHouse Chess for and I posted a forum suggesting it 1 or 2 weeks ago, but has not posted on it. I think I should send them an e-mail suggesting it, so they can get the suggestion directly. Well, I think BugHouse Chess and the regular Chess we play on was created based on a Native Indian game, where the name translates into "four battles" or "four armies", I do not remember, but it had the word, "four" in it. Also, I did not read enough to find out about what tribe it was, but I don't think it was a Native American tribe because since Chess uses pieces that are named and created by figures and people of the Medieval Times and the Middle Ages, then it would be around that time that Chess was created and I don't think we were exploring the Americas during those times. I found out about this game, as I was reading an article last week on, about the origins of Chess. The game consisted of four players on one big board, with the same pieces we use for BugHouse Chess and regular Chess. Like BugHouse Chess, four players played it, but everyone was for themselves (unless making an alliance with another player) and the Native Indian game used one board instead of two. I think there might have been a possibility that BugHouse Chess was created before the regular Chess because Chess is like BugHouse Chess split in 2. Perhaps, people wanted to play BugHouse Chess alone, not on teams, and they created the regular Chess we see today. Or perhaps, Chess was created first, and then someone thought, "Why can't we play on teams?" and doubled the Chess game (while changing some of it.) Who knows? Maybe BugHouse Chess was originally called, "Chess", then when they created the regular game of Chess we see today, they gave that name to that game and found another name for BugHouse Chess, until the name turns into "BugHouse Chess." There are many possibilities and theories on how Chess started (not really BugHouse Chess) and there are also many facrs and myths on how Chess started and we may never find out, but we may have some puzzle pieces that we need to put together to find out what the puzzle looks like. I hope everyone takes this blog to consideration. Please post any comments, and if you have any suggestions or any topics you would like me to talk about, then please send me a message or drop me a note on my profile!