Topic of the Day-11/19/11

Nov 19, 2011, 4:22 AM |

Topic of the Day-11/19/11-The 2-move Checkmate, or "The Fool's Mate"

Hello, everybody. I did not know what topic I should talk about today, so I just decided to talk about different checkmates and Chess positions. Tommorrow I will probably talk about a new feature on this site. Also, I have decided to change some things about my blog. If you have noticed, I have aligned my words, so that they go from left to right completely. Also, I will now be doing paragraphs. If you have any comments about these changes, then please post your comments at the bottom of this blog post.

So, okay. This checkmate is called the 2-move checkmate. The 2-move checkmate is also called, "The Fool's Mate." I do not recommend trying to use this mate every time because you would be less likely to ever come across a player, who would do an opening as stupid as this:











That is what the 2-move checkmate looks like, when you checkmate the other person. Okay, so I am going to have 1 puzzle for you to solve:


















You can only do the 2-move checkmate, if you are black. You cannot do a 2-move checkmate, if you are white. This is not a checkmate:















Okay, so  that was the 2-move checkmate. I think that is the last of my topic of the day. I will just rename this blog post as, "Topic of the Day-11//19/11-The 2-move checkmate." If you have any comments, then please post them below this blog post, and if you have a suggestion, then please send me a message or leave a note on my profile.