Topic of the Day-11/21/11

Nov 22, 2011, 4:28 AM |

Topic of the Day-11/21/ Blogs and Forums

Okay, so most people know that I post daily blogs everyday, or at least I try to. I also sometimes post in the forums, but not daily. So, I was wondering, what is the difference between a Blog and a forum? They are both posts on But what really seperates them?

Well, a blog is a post that is usually long and it is based on one topic, unless you write about your perspective of (like I used to do) or your experience on There are many blogs on, but they are not categorized like a forum. Why can't the blogs be categorized? It will be much easier to categorize the blogs into sections like, "Perspectives of", "Chess News", " News", etc. Well, let's go to the forums.

A forum is usually short and it is can be based on one topic. Also, there are Help and Support forums to help members of and forums can be locked, to prevent other players from commenting, and they can be stuck, to make the forum stay there, so other players could have some useful information about, that will stay there. Forums are categorized, unlike the blogs. So, I guess those are the similarities and the differences between the blogs and the forums.

I find forums more popular than blogs because they are categorized, short, and there are alot of them to post on and then comment on another topic. The blogs are probably meant to spread the news about Chess and The forums are just meant to talk about different topics. I post blogs about one topic that is about Chess and because I would like to keep them in an orderly and organized way and they stay on the first page longer because less people post blogs. Well, I think I am mostly done with this topic, so if you have any comments, then please comment at the bottom of this blog post and if you have any suggestions to me or any topics you would want me to talk about, then please send me a message or drop a note on my profile. Thanks!