Topic of the Day-11/23/11

Nov 24, 2011, 1:17 PM |

Topic of the Day-11/23/ Groups and The Cats group

Well, if you don't know, has groups that you can join. You have to be at least a Gold Member to be able to create a group, but everyone can join a group. Groups create forums, post pictures, and play Chess against other groups. There is also a Group News section for each group. Groups are like miniature communities, except doesn't play against other Chess websites. I have recently joined a group about a week ago, called, "The Cats."

Before I joined a group, I didn't know exactly what groups were. I thought groups were like Chess teams in the real-world, not just on But when my friend, Pawnpusher3 told me to join "The Cats," I did. It took me a few hours to wait for the creator's approval, (creator of the group, not the creator of I still wasn't sure what groups were. Now, I am playing group games and I am starting to get active in the group by posting forums.

I guess "The Cats" group was supposed to be a group for Cat-Lovers, but I didn't know that until I actually posted a forum about the group name. Then, another member of the group told me why the group was named, "The Cats." The link to that forum is this:

I am not neccesarily a Cat-Lover, but I am in the group now.

The Cats is an enormous group with over 1000+ players (and growing). We play in team matches alot and anyone can basically join the group. We have several good admins, including Pawnpusher3, and our group leader is saint-vitus. We have daily puzzle posts under our News section and everyone there is really friendly. If you are going to join our group, then I'd recommend that you would have a friend in that group, already. Or, you can make new friends in that group. If you would like to join that group here is the link to the group, but you would have to have the leader's approval, first:

If you have any suggestions on any topics you would want me to talk about, then send me a message or drop a note on my profile and if you have any comments, then please comment at the bottom of this blog post. I am having a contest for a really good or Chess-related topic to talk about. I will talk about the contest in my next post and how you can join it. If you are a member of The Cats, then please comment here.