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Superkids practise session-6

Superkids practise session-6

Sep 25, 2016, 7:12 AM 0

Summary of Saturday Tournament

Heavy rains nearly stopped here. So, players started to come and practice. They are having good time, as the headcount is low, players getting lot of time in analysing. Senior players are guiding the young players in learning from their mistakes.

Two tournaments tomorrow will get clash. YMCA tournament and Under 19 selections conducted by  Hyderabad District Chess Association. Players are in a dilemma in choosing what to go for. It is obvious the players who are not Indian Nationals and players who are above 19 years of age will go to YMCA tournament, rest may prefer Under 19 tournament.

Players should be provided opportunity to play chess, this is more important then who and where it is being conducted. Some Chess players requested Super Kids Chess Academy to conduct this Sunday tournament, but Super Kids Chess turn down the request, if YMCA tournament is cancelled then Super Kids Chess will see that Chess players Sunday won't go waste, by providing them an opportunity to improve their skills by spending their time in practice sessions.

We are conducting the 6th Practice session today for this season. Players are very happy learning new tactics, practicing what they learned earlier. Risk taking is an art, it won't come without taking risk. We need to take risk where there is minimum or no loss. This is what Superkids exactly providing. It is providing an opportunity to take risk at no cost and see how their risk is being tackled by his/her opponent. They can gauge their risk taking abilities.


Shanmukha and Trisha Shared top two places

Murali Mohan Third place

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