superkidschess practise session-4

Sep 25, 2016, 7:07 AM |

Susheel Reddy Crushed Tarun in Practice session

Tarun got crushed in Practice session

Tarun( rating )got crushed in Practice session on Day1,Susheel Reddy played his first round with Tarun. The opening was  King's- Indian defence. Watch the below video. Susheel Reddy crushed him very badly. Thanks to Susheel for sending the notation.

Shanmukha Game:

Day two, Inspite of rain, players came to play the 3rd and 4th round. The highlight of today is Trisha Crushed Shanmukha.The opening was Catalan. Watch the below video on how Trisha had a spectacular win on Shanmukha. Trisha delighted for her first ever win on Shanmukha.

Vishwanath Kannam game:

Another interesting match of 2nd day was between Tarun and Vishwanath. It was a nail biting for spectators, went till near to last second. At the end, due to time pressure, Vishwanath had to commit a illegal move by mistake and where has only 3 seconds. Vishwanath was a Rook down, but he couldn't encash it till the end.

Mallesh game :

Mallesh vs Tarun 0-1.

Mallesh played Queen's gambit declined exchange variation.Tarun had a passive position. Mallesh made small inaccuracies which made the game level. Mallesh made up an idea where he attacked on king's side but he made a pawn  blundered and soon tarun won.

5th Round pairings.

Board 1 : Shanmukha vs Tarun

Board 2 : Vishwanath vs Trisha

Will Vishwanath take revenge on him by defeating her sister? let us watch, this is going to be exciting match for today.

Ravindra played with Vishwanath yesterday. The most promising players like Vishwanath Kannam, Shanmukha may be going to Delhi  for FIDE rating tournament next month. Vishwanath won on Ravindra yesterday. Vishwanath won a big bounty in he last FIDE rating tournament under 1600, every one eagerly waiting to see his luck repeats!!

Climate looks bit ok on sunny day today, so hopefully no rain, but if you feel unsafe due to rains, please stay back.