Marshall Gambit Blog #1

Dec 23, 2009, 4:09 PM |

this is a page on Marshall, a sumpreme master back then. he was probally the second best at the time but there was just one person he couldn't beat; Capablanca(the world champion at the time). after losing many times to Capablanca, Marshal finally had enough. he studyed for many years, 7 to be more accurate and came up with the famous Marshall Gambit from the Ruy Lopez. he had pages of analysis and pages of work and he was planning all of it to beat Capablanca. when he finally got Capablanca to play the exact variation he planned, he put his gambit into action. the funny part is, that Capablanca avoided so many traps and still ended up winning!!!!

here is the game

in this game, you can tell why Capablanca was the world champion. he overpowered Marshall even though Marshall had 7 years of preparation!!!