Scoring with the Reverse Hook in my 2nd Dan grading

Jul 5, 2008, 4:45 PM |

Tim ( in white chestpad with blue rings ) performs a front kick.


I ( in red chestpad ) check it with a downward forearm block

As the kick finishes and the leg returns to the ground, Tim is committing the weight of his body forward ready for the next technique.


Sensing that he will come forward,

I spot an opportunity – Tim keeps his guard in the middle of the body.

Tim commits his forward movement. All of his weight is in his front foot, there is no weight on his back foot.


As this is happening, there is no threat from Tim, I have enough time to enter into my technique. I pivot on my front foot.
 Tim realises something is up and checks his forward motion 

 Moving faster than Tim who is still trying to slow down, I start my technique.

I look back to see where he is and chamber my knee at the same time I raise my leg 


Tim suspects that I will perform a back kick but I had intended a reverse hook kick.


Tim blocks low with an X-block. I snap out the kick from the knee and the trajectory of the kick passes over his block.
 Keeping my weight properly balanced on the supporting leg, the kick lands on Tim’s jaw. 
 Too late, Tim’s changes his block and attempts to deflect the kick upwards with the top of his forearm but the kick has already landed. 


PostScript : Tim was not injured 


A video of this sequence is in