SD for Women - Armbar

Jun 9, 2008, 3:34 AM |

  Using the opposite hand, reach across your chest and secure the assailant’s hand. This also helps relieve pressure on your throat.

As for your other hand, clench your fist.

 With a sharp twist of your body towards the same side of your hand used to secure the assailant’s hand, pull your butt out. At the same time, strike with your fist/ forearm against your assailant’s elbow – keep striking. 
 Lift the leg on the same side of your free hand and knee your assailant in the ribs. Hook the other foot behind the assailant’s legs so that he cannot shift to the side & will start to topple.

Note : All these moves must happen simultaneously

 Below is the reverse view
 As your opponent topples, face towards the ground, keep rotating your body.As you start to face upwards, lean as much weight of your body over your assailant’s arm as it comes under your armpit. If you are confident  holding his arm securely, elbow him in the face. 
 A variation is if you are able to continue to raise the leg by which you kneed the assailant, bring it over his arm that you have secured. Then you tuck it under his throat. You continue to press downwards on his elbow with your leg whilst levering his arm upwards with your hands. 


A video demonstration is available at