SD for Women - Eye Gouge

Jun 9, 2008, 3:54 AM |


A video demonstration is available at

 This technique relies heavily on the assailant committing a lot of his weight forward in his attempt to strangle.

Raise both arms overhead

 Strike hard on top of the attacker’s forearms, thereby collapsing them. A nerve at the top of the forearms makes it especially vulnerable 
 Immediately after striking the forearms, raise your arms in front of you. As the assailant lurches forwards, press your thumbs into his eyes whilst the other fingers of your hands grip the side of his head or hair. Note : Be careful he doesn’t headbutt you.

Turn the assailant to one side and roll him off. Get up and follow up with a finishing strike and escape quickly.

 If the assailant pulls away sharply from your eye gouge, roll your legs up. Make sure you clear his arms and do not get tangled with them.

Be ready for this. Note : Rolling your legs up is possible because the assailant is not straddling you

 Push out your legs forcefully to kick the assailant away or drop them onto the assailant.