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In the name of holly Tal!!

In the name of holly Tal!!

May 16, 2011, 12:02 PM 0

Sacryficing pieces in a chess game is a state of fighting spirit and also an adrenalin rush!You all know what it feels like to sac and win brilliantly.It is feeling similar to sex,especcialy final stages of sex when you see thunderballs and lightening!But sacing 2 rooks,2 minor pieces for a win its absolutely awsome feeling!This game was played last week in Playchess.com Official Blitz with time control 5 min + 2 sec per move and its one of best games i have played.It is known that attacking is easier than to defend and person who knew that best was Mikhail Tal.And i think he wouldnt be ashamed of this game if he played it himself so RIP Miša and this one is for you!

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