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Patzers vs Masters-personal expierience

Patzers vs Masters-personal expierience

Feb 26, 2011, 1:00 PM 0

I guess most of people playing on chess.comm are amateurs,so i will ask you a question:What is the biggest pleasure for an amateur player in chess?Of course it is when they put preassure against titled players and make them suffer!Few years ago we had open tournaments where gm-s,im-s and fm-s played in the same group as we common "patzers".Nowdays its a different story,we have A,B and even C groups.So what that means for us  "patzers" is that we dont get chance to play with big guys anymore.I kind of regret that fact couse i have played some games with strong masters who were sometimes up to 800!! points higher rated than me!And i can tell you i learned from those games a lot more than from 100 games with weaker opponents.I will present you one of my game with at that time FM and now IM in which a regular patzer pressed the master hard and made him ask for a draw!!Only fact that i was in deep time trouble saved him from loosing.The game was very nice and rich with some cool variations and it was very dramatic and it shows that sometimes chess goods can be favourable for amatuer players against masters if they keep cool head and do their best so lets go...

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