chess lessons, an arm and a leg and gas prices are already to high!

Jul 9, 2008, 7:03 PM |

  Somethings in life are free.  If there are any players out there who would like some lessons on chess, drop me a message.  If you don't want help than the simple answer is, don't message.  I'm around 1800 now, but I'm not sure what my USCF or official rating is due to the fact that I was never really a USCF tournament player.  I'm a self-taught chess lover who loves to help people out.  I do have experience in teaching, as I taught children how to play chess, even up to complex strategy for a few years.  I also mentored two children at the local YMCA in the game of chess.  I had many teaching courses, so I am fairly good at teaching in different teaching styles to focus on each person's learning ability or abilities of which they learn in the best method.  I am not asking for any money, if you are interested just let me know and we can work out a pretty solid schedule.  It's free, if you don't like the lessons, than just quit, it's as easy as that.  My main goal is only to help other people and promote the game of chess throughout the world.


  Take care everyone.