how is destroying my life lol


  After hearing about from a member at my local chess club, due to my complaint about every growing rancid gas prices, he mentioned to me about to save on gas.  Now I'm becoming addicted to playing on my computers and the cellphone.  It seems like it is slowly consuming my social life and consuming my time I should be doing other things for.  I'm so confused  because I was told chess is good for you, but obviously anything in excess can be bad.  Is there a rehab or chess anonymous meeting I can go to to cut the addiction lol?  "Hello my name is Jay and I'm addicted to and chess."  (Hello Jay I am Chris, welcome, so was I and I bet I can checkmate  you).  "Let's play right now Chris!  I'll checkmate you sucka!!"

  Lol Help me I need antichess inhibitor pills!