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why do people on chess.com post ???? marks on my posts!

Jul 7, 2008, 5:15 PM 4
  People seem to just go into my blogs to post question marks.  If you don't like my blogs, just write my name down and don't click on them.  Instead people like posting ?????? or ??????###???? as if that would be little my intelligence or stop me from writing blogs lol.  You don't have to read my blogs people and you don't even have to like them.  Go buy a chess book co-authored by a grandmaster who never even seen the book and write question marks in it.  It's your money so go do it lol!  Otherwise if you have a question about chess, ask me it and I'll be more than willing to help and you don't have to pay me $29.99 USD currency, I'm more than willing to give pointers, for no personal gain, but to promote chess.  If you don't want pointers, than tell yourself you are unbeatable and go away, and triumph in your self-loathing glory of what you think you are.  That's your ego not mine.  My ego is fine, just coming here bringing the love to chess.com.   

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