few recent games - part 1

Sep 17, 2009, 1:22 PM |

after not posting anything for 2 years my strenght went up by about 400 rating points, so I decided to revive this blog by posting some of my latest games in a series covering some different big tournaments, starting with ease with only 2 games, following posts will probably include 3-4.
anyway starting with a big event, which contains games mostly against much higher rated once every two weeks.
from the 9 rounds of the tournament I'm currently with 2 out of 2 - quite surprising looking at the fact I'm rated almost last. (anotated by me, analaysis help using Rybka/Fritz):

1/8 final - Israel Championship

My most current tournament is the 1/8 final of the Israel championship, the Israel Championship in the 1/8 is divided to a few dozen of houses, for players rated 1700-2000 and players that passed the 1/16 championship (up to 1700).

from the two games I played in the tournament, against two much higher rated oponents, I have 2 full points, with some interesting games:

Round 1
Yosi Richter (ranked 5) - Yuval Wyborski
in the first round, as is common for the swiss, the lower rated players get the higher rated players, and as it was i played ranked 5.
Yosi Richer is rated 1810 and had a positive score against my first coach, after some unusual menuver by me and missing a crucial (and pretty obvious) intermidate move, I got a worse position.. but I was lucky enough to win

a win which shows why accurate play is always importent, playing the not-forcing self-pinning 19.Rxe5 have lost him the game..
he could get better results by 20. Re8! and getting a rook and a pawn for 2 bishops, but it's still lost

Round 2
Yuval Wyborski - Matan Poleg (ranked 3)

The second round is against and old oponent and friend, a known french player that before the game had a score of 2-0 against me (in which 1 was a blitz tournament).
The first full-time game I played with him, where I was black, reached an endgame with rook and queen. when in time pressure I threw away that game, this time the opposite happens:

this game was much in my favour, but then one hasty move, missing a tricky and hard-to-see replay from him gave him an almost decisive advantage.
but, probably from over confidence he made some poor positional decisions, and at the end abandoned his king to danger.
Another lucky win against some strong opponent.

this is it, the first part of my recent games.

the second part will contain games from the Groups Age 14 Israel championship, in which I played a player rated 2300(!!) and missed a win against a player rated 2100. Also my first game against Matan Poleg (see game above) will be included.
the third part will contain games from the Israel Age 15 preliminaries which will take place in two weeks (6-9/10). last year I got a poor result and missed my chance to go to the age 13 finale. now, a couple of hundred points stronger and in the much harder age 15 group it should be interesting