Beginner's Games Analyzed Episode 1

Sep 26, 2013, 3:41 AM |

This is the very first episode of my new series designed to help beginning and lower level players improve their game analysis by asking them to analyze their games to the best of the ability then going through and analyzing both the game and their annotations.

Since this is the first episode issue were inevitable. There were a few audio issues during the recording processes at first but it seems that it all worked out at the end.  I apologize for the poorish quality of the analysis I started streaming immediately upon return home from a 5 hour number theory exam and had been on back to back all nighters.   I am going to try to find a slightly prettier interface as well.  Scid vs PC is amazing but it certainly doesn't look good.


If you would like a game analyzed, just email me at and send me your game, as well as, your analysis of the game.  The point of this series of videos is to help you improve at analysis.