Blitz vs Applesauce

Blitz vs Applesauce

Sep 2, 2014, 8:10 AM |

Next up... Applesauce... as in Manhattan.


All Time Series Record: (Boston leads 7 - 2)

Starts at 7:40 PM EST, Weds., 9/03

Is it too early for a "Must win"... well, maybe... but, this is certainly a "Must not lose" match.

Boston Blitz  Manhattan Applesauce
IM Steven Zierk: 2543 (White)     IM Aleksandr Ostrovskiy: 2486
FM Denys Shmelov: 2473 (B)     FM Andrew Shvartsman: 2432
NM Chris Williams: 2310 (W)     FM Rico Salimbagat: 2286
NM Ilya Krasik: 2264 (B)     NM Levy Rozman: 2382
Average Rating: 2398     Average Rating: 2397

With neither team fielding a GM, this should be a barn burner... and based on the 1 point avg. rating advantage... I will pick the Blitz to squeak by with a win.

However, so as not to put to much pressure on individuals, you will have noticed that I posted no match score... Let's see how that works... 

Now, it seems to me that the match will indeed be at Harvard SOCH building, 59 Shepard st. Cambridge, MA. But, this time don't take my word for it... Ilya will post a note in this column to confirm... I hope!

If anyone should want/need to get rid of a little extra spending money, the Blitz sure could use it.   Right now you can paypal directly to Ilya... email is

No donation is too small... and if it's too big... well, we'll suffer through it.

Go Blitz!

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