Blitz will ring Philly Bell

Blitz will ring Philly Bell

Sep 15, 2014, 7:37 PM |

(Beat Reporter:  Mark LaRocca)

The Boston Blitz face the eastern division leader Philadelphia Inventors who are currently undefeated... and deservedly so.  A win would bring the Blitz right back into the thick of things… a loss would… well, a loss is unthinkable at this point…  So, let’s not mention that.

It is also the Blitz debut of IM (Soon to be GM) Sam Sevian as the Blitz field a battle tested lineup.  With over a 100 rating point advantage on first board, Sam, as White, faces IM Tom Bartell,  no push over… but edge Blitz.  (1 – 0)

IM Denys Shmelov, Black, must be favored against FM Dov Gorman… though no certainty here… no, I just can’t wait for another of Denys’s eternally suffering… but, finally winning endurance contests.  Bring your Tums for sure. (0 - 1)

Now things get close.  NM Chris Williams (White) has a tough cookie in NM Peter Minear.  This is a pick’em… but give us the draw and the match.  Chris, it’s all in your hands again.  (0.5 – 0.5)

Then with the match in hand NM Ilya Krasik (Black)  plays brilliantly agains NM Todd Bryant to seal the deal… perhaps before Chris finishes.  Since I expect Ilya to win… let’s say draw… (0.5 – 0.5) 

Boston over Philadelphia (3 – 1)  

You were expecting  maybe  I should be fair.  Here’s the match picture…

Boston Blitz (1.0 - 2.0) vs Philadelphia Inventors (2.5 - 0.5) 

All Time Series Record: (Boston leads 9.5 - 2.5)

Boston Blitz  Philadelphia Inventors
IM Samuel Sevian: 2571   1    0  IM Tom Bartell: 2448
FM Denys Shmelov: 2473   1    0  FM Dov Gorman: 2400
NM Chris Williams: 2310  0.5   0.5  NM Peter Minear: 2365
NM Ilya Krasik: 2264  0.5   0.5 NM Todd Bryant: 2201
Average Rating: 2405     Average Rating: 2354
Boston Total   3   0 Philadelphia Total

Now, let’s help our heroes out with some support.  We need some fans down at Harvard SOCH building, 59 Shepard st. Cambridge, MA. , 7:40 pm. Weds. Sept. 17.

If you can’t be there then watch us on ICC (… and possibly get the same thrill. 

Oh Yeah… someone bring one of those bell ringing thingies… Give me liberty, or give me a win against Philly… or both... Go Blitz!