Bow Bow Bow, NY over BB Blues

Bow Bow Bow, NY over BB Blues

Oct 19, 2015, 10:30 PM |

 (Beat Reporter: Mark LaRocca)

I think it was Elwood Blues who said it best…                           “Heere odda hilldidda hildhiruhah”.

Or, was it… “Hieere odda hittomamma jizzowazzah”. 

Well, in any case, I think you know what I mean.  NY downs BB (3 – 1) and Blitz fans got the Blues.  It’s like a real deep downer, man. 

But, I’m not one to complain… much.  We had our chances.  In fact, Vadim won a beautiful sacrificial mini-gem, and a GOTW nomination to boot, to start our night with a bang.  The final three games were long grinding heart breakers as first Richard, and then Denys bit the biscuit leaving us in good hands, we thought, as Ilya could have drawn the match.  And since he seemed to be winning easily, we all watched eagerly as he passed over one win after another.  Finally, in a drawn time scramble, he threw himself on his sword and the Blitz blew another close one.  All I can can say is this one left a bad taste… kinda like a Rubber Biscuit, eh!

Now it’s time to tell our tale, and Vadim had a good one to tell.  You see, he was Black in a Stonewall Dutch… oooo! You say.  It was a classic.  I Think you’ll really enjoy this one.  Time to get this show on the road.

“Have you ever heard of a wish sandwich? A wish sandwich is the kind of a sandwich where you have two slices of bread and you, hee hee hee, wish you had some meat...”

Bow bow bow…

 Great game and great job by Vadim.  He put the pressure on NY by finishing early and gave the team a shot in the proverbial arm.  Boston (1 – 0) 

Trouble is, GMs are good at chess as Denys soon, or rather, much later found out.  Denys looked to be doing well on the White side of a Queen’s Gambit accepted.  His opponent, GM Pascal Charbonneau played an odd and quite loose line, yet after looking through it, you have to wonder why it’s not played more often.   Good play… you can’t take that away from him.

“Hmmm... the other day I had a ricochet biscuit. a ricochet biscuit is the kind of a biscuit thats supposed to bounce back off the wall into your mouth. if it dont bounce back... heeheehee you go hungry!”

Bow bow bow…


 Ok, well, Denys lost and I hardly saw any way to take advantage of Black’s odd opening.  Good game, shake hands and hope the other guys can fill the gap.  Boston (1 – 1)

Meanwhile, Richard was struggling on the Black side of a Queen’s Gambit accepted.  What is it with these guys taking free pawns.  GM Mark Paragua took the game to an advantageous ending and made Richard real uncomfortable, although, at times, it seemed Black might eek out a draw.

“Hmmmm... the other day I had a cool water sandwich and a sunday-go-to-meetin bun...”

Bow bow bow...

 Oh well, Richard gave it a great try, but, close don’t count fur nuttin’ honey. 

Boston (1 – 2)

Still we had a draw in our pocket… Ilya was rollin, kinda doing this and that, up a whole bunch of computer points on the White side of a Queen’s Gambit.   I think it was won from move 12.  Our weary eyes watched as a sure thing turned into a sour thing.  Don’tcha know it.  We really got the Blues from this one.

“HmHmHmhm(heeeeh). Whaddayou want fuh nothin. A rrrrrubber biscuit?”

Bow Bow OoOooo...


Caramba!  That one was hard to watch, let alone, swallow.  Boston (1 – 3)

And so it goes, another match slips through our fingers and into the shadows of destiny.  What can I say, no harm, just a game, 

Zuuyl momma Homm momma chippahooah”!!

Easy for you to say.

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