Damn Devil!  Bos vs NE draw?

Damn Devil! Bos vs NE draw?

Oct 26, 2013, 10:00 AM |

(Beat Reporter:  Mark LaRocca)

I have only one question after Boston’s (2 – 2) “no draws” draw with the New England Nor’Easters…  If you can’t trust the Devil, then who can you trust? 

Now, I thought for sure we had this one in the bag… I mean, after all, Ilya’s soul must be worth something…  right?... well, right?  (Maybe this would be a good poll question – click here to vote!)   Come to think… we never did read that parchment.  Well, anyway… It was an exciting night… and one that seemed destined for infamy.  First, Jake goes and throws away his Kingside with one huge Oops!.. and then Ilya… once again… gains an exchange… but, loses his way… and BOOM!... we’re down (0 – 2).

However, Steven played an outstanding game… as did Denys… both wins coming in Queen endings.   Hmmm… something fishy here…  wonder what was on that paper.  I told the guys ‘the Devil’s in the detail”… he always gets you with the fine print.  Now, for those of you who just don’t know what I’m talking about… see our “Eye of Newt” match preview.  And for those of you who do know what I’m talking about… get a life!

Well, enough rambling about the fickle nature of netherworld creatures… let’s get back to reality… which is sometimes stranger than fiction… as in the strange case of “The Bishop who had no ears”… and just wouldn’t/couldn’t listen to common sense… Let’s take a peek at Jake’s 10… Bxe4 disaster… maybe you can explain it to me… You don’t believe in the supernatural… do you?


NM Lawyer Times (NE) vs NM Jake Miller (BOS) - Board 4

This one wasn’t pretty… but, we can face our nightmares here.    Boston (0 – 1)

Next up, was the inimitable master of exchange up endings... we kid Ilya... this one was anything but easy.   So, you must wonder… why sell your soul for this?…

NM Ilya Krasik (BOS) vs NM Mika Brittain (NE) - Board 3

Ok… Ok… So, now we are thoroughly depressed… and quite aggravated.   Not, even a draw out of boards 3 and 4.  Boston (0 – 2)

But wait… there’s more…  Denys comes through with a fabulous Queen ending… maybe… just a bit… aided by…  the Devil?

FM Charles Riordan (NE) vs SM Denys Shmelov (NE) – Board 2



Way to go, Denys!   With that shot in the arm… we were on a roll.  Boston (1 – 2)

Now, if only somehow, Steven could finnagle a win out of what looked like an endless Queen ending…  Geezz!  Can we get a break somewhere!... we did pay in advance.

IM  Steven Zierk (BOS) vs GM Alexander Ivanov (NE)  -  Board 1


Saving face never felt so good.  Boston (2 – 2)

We can console ourselves in our lousy season… having drawn the Nor’easters twice… Wow!... such an accomplishment.  Makes you want to roll over and go back to bed… in this nightmare of a season.  Oh well, we’ll play even better in our last match… minus a Soul or two.

See ya there… Tuesday, October 29, 7:30 against the Kingfishers…

Harvard SOCH building, 59 Shepard st, Cambridge, MA.

And don’t forget to wear your costumes… and bring some holy water… maybe we can squeak out of this deal we made and get our Team Spirit back…