Destiny awaits us

Sep 23, 2012, 9:06 PM |

(Beat Reporter: Mark LaRocca)

There is a great philosophical controversy (if I may be allowed poetic license) as to whether or not “Destiny” can be changed… overcome, if you will.  The very word itself implies that you cannot change it… Yet, it is in our nature to deny this.  How about you?  Do you believe you can “control your destiny”, or, is your destiny already “written in the stars”?

Coincidentally, the Blitz are faced with these very questions as they prepare to  “Meet their Destiny”… as in the Dallas Destiny…. when they will attempt to “bend Destiny to their will”… and “fulfill their Destiny”… bend it… shape it…  Anyway you want it…  Long as you love me… it’s all right… Oh, sorry, a short 60’s flashback…  I’ve been having those lately.

But you know what I mean.  They will need your (Blitz fans) support for this match more than ever.  So, don’t be shy, and lend them some karma, some good vibes, by coming down to see the  Dallas Destiny, playing White, against your own Boston Blitz, this Wednesday at 7:30pm.  I stress this, because they need you, yes they do,  I need you… I want you… Show me the way… Oops! There I go again;  My apologies to Mr. Frampton.

However, I am not joking about appealing to our fans.  In my humble opinion, the Blitz need a spark, and what better spark than to see 30 or 40 of you… yes you… standing outside the door of Harvard’s SOCH hall, 59 Shepherd st., Cambridge, MA.  Oh, it makes my heart warm to think so… excuse me, I need to get a tissue… 

 That’s better.  Let’s show the Blitz… Who’s number 1 in New England hearts!  I challenge each of you… be there… Oh, and the first to come will receive “one million dollars” or my name isn’t Dr. Evil. 

And now, the lineup…

      White                                      Black  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

GM Chirila (DAL)                  SM  Sammour-Hasbun (BOS)

SM  Shmelov (BOS)               GM  Holt (DAL)

FM  Xiong (DAL)                   NM Martirosov (BOS)

Liu (BOS)                             Guenther (DAL)

Ok, well, I’ve decided not to do a tale of the tape today… no, not because my opinion is stupid and means nothing… but, because it is late and I would probably say something stupid and meaningless.

However, I will say that the fans,  and I have polled them at BostonBlitz on facebook  (Like us if you love us… it’s all right… sorry),  expect… no demand… a win on Boards 1 and 3… which will be followed by draws on boards 2 and 4. 

Now, I know you are all worried about what happened last match.  But, that was Yesterday… dum, dum, dum… when all our troubles seemed so far away… dum. dum, dum… Sorry… So, So, sorry… I guess I’ll just find a place to hide away… Oops… sorry… Cause I don’t believe in Yesterdaaayyy. .. Sorry… 

See ya all there… I’ll have the keys and make frequent trips from the tower to the gate…. I promise.