Noughts?  Connecticut vs Blitz

Noughts? Connecticut vs Blitz

Sep 14, 2015, 4:45 PM |

Ok, so last week I was way, way off.  However, there is a good explanation, I simply let my homer-ism get the best of me.   I promise to do better, and give my true, unbiased opinion in the future (Fingers tightly crossed as I am typing… no easy task).   And so, this week is tough, as I just may predict a Blitz loss… Can I do it?  Do I have what it takes to be a “real” analyst and not just some lacky donating his time uselessly and wasting everyone else’s time?   Hmmm… maybe!  Let’s see.

This week the Blitz play the Connecticut Dreadnoughts.  Heck, named after a game that’s not even chess, just real scary Tic-Tac-Toe!  Honestly, if we can’t beat them…

That said, they are led this week by first board GM Sergey Kudrin, just one of my all time favorites.  Why? Because he is a fearless Dragon Sicilian player, ergo, a great hero of mine.  He knew the Dragon wasn’t dead even before it was pronounced dead (12 times) and then revived (13 times).  Maybe I can talk Steven into playing the Dragon… come on!… for old times sake.   

Here’s the lineup…

Connecticut Dreadnoughts (1.5 - 1.5) vs Boston Blitz (0.5 - 2.5)

All Time Series Record: (Connecticut leads 2.5 - 0.5)    

Starts at 7:30 PM EST

Connecticut Dreadnoughts



Boston Blitz

GM Sergey Kudrin: 2586 (White)



IM Steven Zierk: 2562 (Black)

GM Michael Rohde: 2531 (B)



IM Denys Shmelov: 2444 (W)

SM Kapil Chandran: 2420 (W)



NM Chris Williams: 2334 (B)

Dennis Li: 2107 (B)



NM Ilya Krasik: 2276 (W)

Average Rating: 2411



Average Rating: 2404


Board 1 -  GM Kudrin vs IM Zierk

Steven will be mad, I mean, angry mad after last weeks loss.  I predict he will challenge GM Kudrin with 1.e4 c5! and an angry, wild fight will ensue.  This is a win at all costs game with no holds barred.  A Dragon?... I hope. But, probably something in the four Knights category.  I unbiasedly predict a win by my Blitz hero over my GM hero.  Boston (1 – 0)


Board 2 – IM Shmelov vs GM Rohde

How about 1.d4 d5!  Denys would love this.  This is his first White this season after 3 draws with Black.  I sure hope he took the day off to rest, as coming straight from work is very tough.  I am going with my gut here… backed by hours of hard analysis… Not! Expect a very hard fought draw.  Boston (1.5 – 0.5)

Board 3 - SM Chandran vs NM Williams

I expect 1. e4 c5 and an attempt at a (Spare me) Taimanov.  Chris has been playing on the edge in his two White's this season (1 - 1),  So, expect another "Oh No!" performance with Blitz fans biting their nails 'til the end.  Objectively speaking, this will be a draw!  Boston (2 - 1)


Board 4 - Dennis Li vs Ilya Krasik

I have no idea what Dennis Li plays.  But that won't stop me.  I dare Dennis to play 1. d4... and face a vicious Grunfeld!  Ilya will not be stopped no matter.  Coming off last weeks easy win!... he said with forked tongue... He will post another easy win, after about 74 flawless moves.  Boston (3 - 1)

There you have it.  My dispassionate, objective, unemotional, unbiased opinion on this week's match.  Yet another sparkling win by our heroes.  They wouldn't let us down, would they?  No chance!   GO BLITZ!!!