Aug 25, 2013, 6:03 PM |

(Beat Reporter:  Mark LaRocca)

It’s a brand new USCL season about to start… Wow!... the summer went fast.   So… first things first… a big round of applause for USCL management,  President Greg Shahade and VP Arun Sharma, as well as, all those hard working, behind the scenes types, especially, the volunteers… I feel your pain… and joy. 

Anyway, thank you  USCL for giving me some excitement over so many seasons… I’ve lost count. 

And now, to present the pride and joy of Boston… number one in our hearts… and my only reason for living… really… The Boston Blitz… with a brand new logo… check it out in context at the Boston-Blitz.com, (and I will try to keep the old website updated.. right.. well I said try). 

We have a new Manager, Ilya Krasik, who I am sure you all know from numerous past controversies… nuff said.   There is a new assistant manager, Vadim Martirosov… another who needs no intro… I can attest to his work ethic at the board… and I’m sure that will translate well as he and Ilya tackle a very tough player/mgr role. 

I am still doing some blogging for the team… I know… Thanks… I can hear the applause as I type.  Well, this year, I thought I would start out just listing the current players… and get us all familiar with our old… and new… heroes.  Of course, the lineup is still in flux… and Ilya and Vadim are still canvasing the bars looking for GMs who might want more fun in their life.  But, I will not be held back by Ilya’s lust for beer… here goes… 

GM Eugene (two Bishops) Perelshteyn  

Long time Blitz player going back to season one, 2005.  You’d  think he couldn’t put up with Ilya that long.  We are lucky to have his loyalty and who could ask for a stronger first board.

IM Steven Zierk

            A grinder of the highest level.  I  just love watching his games.  The Blitz was lucky to acquire him last year… and they will most certainly need his determination on boards 1 and 2 this year. 

SM Denys Shmelov

            Add Denys to the grinder list of  Blitz players… starting to remind me of the Bruins.  Another guy who is versatile enough to play either board 1 or 2… and can hang in there with the best in the league.  

IM Samuel Sevian

            Who, you say?... Can you spell P-R-O-D-I-G-Y?... 12 years old… and a senior master (correction, make that IM)!  What an acquisition for the team (Kudos to Ilya and Vadim).  I am very much looking forward to meeting him and watching him play.   “An American of Armenian descent”  says his wiki page… I’m sure Petrosian is in him somewhere… Welcome to the Blitz Sam.

NM Vadim (Stalwart) Martirosov

            Stalwart is his middle name.  One of the Blitz’s secret weapons since the early years.  When he is playing the match… I always favor the Blitz.  Now, the new Blitz Assistant Manager…  and we Blitz fans give him a deserved round of applause…. well, he does  have to work with Ilya. 

NM Ilya (fearless) Krasik

            Fearless at the board and fearless with his commentary.  Ilya has anchored the Blitz from the beginning.  Of course, the early years were the most fun… now, he is management, and, I’m sure, much more reserved in his approach…. NOT…  Good luck to our rabble rousing, new Boston Blitz Manager… and may the Schwartz be with you. 

NM Jake Miller

            Back for his second season, Jake had me biting my nails in his 2012 week nine draw against Blitz arch-rival  NE.  I hope to see him play a bit more this year… with, perhaps, the tempered sword of wisdom given to talented youth with another year under the belt… i.e., don’t make me crazy. 

NM Daniil Mosiyenko

            After a decent 2011 season, Daniil did not play in 2012.  However, I expect him to play and play well this year,  if and when needed.  But, we’ll leave that to Ilya.   Maybe this is his year. 

That is the team… as of now.   By all reports, things may change a bit before the start of the season.  But, for now, I expect nothing less than a playoff birth from our chosen few above. 

Last year was not a good one, rather depressing actually, with the Blitz missing the playoffs. But, I am not one to cry over spilt milk… no, rather, I would expect an even more determined bunch to right this wrong.  We are looking at a new wave of Blitz players to meet the New England Nor’easters this Wednesday, August 28, 7:30pm. (Site to be announced)

And what of the “entanglement” of fortune and players that lay between these two Northeast opponents… well, we will leave that explanation for the match preview.  Let’s just say that no matter how far apart these two teams may travel… there will always be a connection… and some good ol’ competitive “action at a distance”.

Quantum entanglement -  a phsyical phenomenon that occurs when particles interact and then become separated.

Stay tuned for how this affects the macro-world. 

P.S.  The Boston Blitz are always looking for Benefactors… as in those who can give money. With the new management and all, we haven’t got our donation acceptance down yet.  But, shoot us an email, or blog comment… and we’ll be glad to get in touch.  That said… GO Blitz!!