LEAP... of Faith!

Oct 30, 2012, 8:10 AM |

(Beat Reporter:  Mark LaRocca)

To make the playoffs the Blitz must leap over CON, NJ, and BAL...

Can the Blitz make the playoffs... Yes?... IF...

This week 9... IF...

Phi  over  NY
Bos over NE    **
Con  over NJ  **
Man over Bal  **

Week 9 standings
Phi    6.5
Man    5.5
NY    5.0
Con    4.5
NJ     4.5
Bal    4.5
Bos    4.0
NE    3.0

Week 10... IF...

Bos over Bal  **
Man over Con **
NY over NJ **
NE  draw Phi

Week 10 standings

Phi    7.0
Man    6.5
NY    6.0
Bos    5.0
Con    4.5
NJ    4.5
Bal    4.5
NE    3.5

** Must result

Of course, there are other scenarios... but the above is about the best possibility in my opinion.
I am assuming we can't tie and win tie-breaks... although I don't know for sure... thus any draws diminish our chances.
So, Root accordingly... unless You see an easier way.