No Loser in "Loser Bowl"

No Loser in "Loser Bowl"

Oct 29, 2012, 9:30 AM |

(Beat Reporter:  Mark LaRocca)

First, let me say that by labeling this the “Loser Bowl”, I am in no way meaning to diminish the accomplishments of these two great teams.  No… I am simply pointing out the importance of this “league meaningless” but “all-important pride” match… for the undisputed champion of… well… at least Boston… and Massachusetts… if not New England… as the winner of this one still needs to beat out the Connecticut Dreadnoughts.

But, the “Loser” of this one will have fallen to their deepest and darkest moment of their USCL existence.  The Blitz, have never experienced “Last place” and the Nor’easters have the pride of a one time USCL champion.  This “Loser Bowl” is in reality a historic match of two great teams fallen on hard times.  It would be silly of me to  claim victory for the winner is anything less than meaningless… but, in my heart I know that no member of the Blitz will be fighting harder than in tonight’s battle for respect… tonight's battle to win and not be crowned “Loser”.

Here are the lineups:

     White                                      Black


IM Zierk                                  FM Riordan

IM Yedidia                             SM Shmelov

FM Gulamali                           FM Bournival

NM Miller                               FM Chase

I offer no predictions in this ignominious, yet glorious, encounter.  Let the best team win… and my congratulations to both for the joy and pleasure they have given us as New England chess fans.  There will be no “Loser” in our hearts.

That said… Go Blitz! 

And if we ever needed fans… we need them tonight.

Be there (Hurricane Sandy be darned Harvard SOCH Hall, 59 Shepherd st, Cambridge, MA.  And bring pizza and donuts… Hey, the Blitz deserve a party… It’s been a long season.