The Last Hurrah, BOS vs NJ draw

The Last Hurrah, BOS vs NJ draw

Nov 6, 2014, 9:27 AM |

(Beat Reporter: Mark LaRocca) 

It was a season to forget, and, yet, one to remember, I know I will.  We had some memorable games, some clunkers, and some if-only matches.  The Blitz finished the season with 1 win, 4 draws, and 5 losses.  The if-only matches were the ones that got us.  The Blitz week 9 match with Baltimore, was really a draw.  Denys had to gamble, as a draw meant the end of the season.  So, that would have put us at (1-5-4) or (3.5 – 6.5).  And we let a few wins get away, week 1 vs New York, we let the win slip and settled for a draw; we could’a been (2-4-4) or (4-6).  Then in week 3 against Arizona, Chris should’a won that game, instead we drew the match… we could’a been (3-3-4) or (4.5-6.5).  And week 4 against Philadelphia, Chris had a W; we should’a drawn… (3-4-3) or (5-5).  And what about… ahhh!  I could go on, but, you see my point.  We were really close; Should have been at least (6-4) I figure; we’re not a bad team; we should’a done better; we could’a been a contender.

 Alright… Alright… So, Vadim should have lost this week and we should have lost the match.  So what?  I’m not here to prove we are what we are.  And with this season ending lament, let us move on and take a look at our Week 10 match with the New Jersey Knockouts.  

 We had our Game of the Season, IM Zierk with a nice win over GM Alex Stripunsky.  Great game Steven.  And Week 10 featured the debut of our 10th man, William “Billy” Collins.  He played a nice game, but, was a little out of practice. I’m sure he will round into shape next season.  Way to go Billy.  Then there was Vadim’s Rook down draw on Board 3.  This was our most interesting game of the match, at least for me, as Vadim played one of his specialty lines… and, somehow, squirmed out of a very, very deep pickle.  Oh, and not to forget our stalwart, Denys, who matter-of-factly, produced a very nice draw with GM Benjamin.  Denys gets our pat-on-the-back award this season for his general, and expected, toughness.  Thank you Mr. Shmelov.

 And so it goes, a week 10 draw… Our last Hurrah!...  And not without some excitement.  I present the games below in order of finish.  And I leave you with the knowledge that… We Will Be Back! (WWBB)


Boston (0 - 1)

(Boston (1 - 1)

Boston (1.5 - 1.5)

And Congrats to NJ on their wildcard playoff win vs Seattle.  I must say I am rooting for NJ, and predict they will take it all, mostly because GM Benjamin has always been one of my favorite players.  I played him once, years ago, in the great Bermuda tournament, that is held in February.  Although I am sure that he doesn't remember our game... I will always remember his comment after the game, when I lost and my wife came up to the board and asked, "How much did you lose by?" and Joel good-naturedly replied, "This isn't baseball.".   Of course, my wife knows nothing about chess, or baseball.  But, we had a laugh... at her expense... as she puzzled over the answer.   So, go get'em NJ.   I would love to say that the Blitz drew their last round game with the 2014 USCL champs.