Toilet Bowl Respect!

Toilet Bowl Respect!

Oct 18, 2014, 7:44 PM |

(Beat Reporter: Mark LaRocca)


Find out what it means to me.

Ooo… Get down… Get back up again.

Yes!!  Da Blitz won, and in the words of Chris Williams, “We’re out’a the Toilet!”

There is, of course, some sympathy for our New England Nor’easter opponents,

who put up a valiant effort. NE is, after all, one of our home teams and deserves

some respect.  That said, the Blitz were able to “take care, TCB” and post their first

win of this miserable season, Boston (2.5 - 1.5), and hold on to the rim of the

Toilet Bowl as NE gurgled down and out into the Charles river. 

Let’s see, it all started as IM Steven (the plumber) Zierk plunged down hard on

IM David Vigorito, who tried to choke our top board with free pawns. 

Unbeknownst to David, Steven is a world class competitive pawn-eater, and two

pawns is too many.  Feast on this mini-gobble.



Ooo!  Nice pawn-grabbing Steven.  Dave was definitely off form. 

But, we’ll take it… Boston (1 – 0)

Now, NE was on the precipice… fingers clutching madly to the slippery rim. But,

this was not to be an easy night as NM Chris (the Mad Bowler) Williams found

his opponent, FM Steven Winer, a tough nut to flush.


Ooo!... that one hurt.  Chris was cast into the swirling abiss with no respect… just no respect whatsoever.

Boston (1 – 1)

It was up to Blitz manager, NM Ilya (the Bowl Fisher) Krasik,  to drag Chris and the

team back to Toilet rim respectability.  Could he manage it?... let’s take a look.


Wow!  What a game, eh?  The fans were dancing in sync and the chant rose a few decibles…

“Just a little bit’… Yea Baby… “Just a little bit”. 

We were just a half point away from a little r-e-s-p-e-c-t.

Boston (2 – 1)

It was all up to IM Denys (Scrubbing Bubbles) Shmelov to wash SM Mika Brattain down

the tube. Was he up to the task?


Ooo!  “Sweeter than honey”

Our first win of the season comes in the Toilet Bowl...  Sweeeet! 

The fans went mad as we all joined in a chorus.

“Sock it to me, Sock it to me, Sock it to me!”

Finally, a little Respect.  “Just a little bit, Just a little bit…”

Boston (2.5 – 1.5)

The only downer on this evening was that gurgling sound as our NE brethren gasped

for air…drowning in the cool waters of merciless ignominy… swirling round and round

and, finally, down to a place where there just ain’t no Respect. 

Ooo! “And I ain’t lyin’ ”

Get down… Get back up again!

Join us for a group dance lesson next Weds. 7:30 pm., Oct. 22, as the Blitz take on the Kingfishers.

59 Shepard st. Cambridge, MA., SOCH building, Harvard University

Or, at least, watch the show on ICC.