Fastest Checkmate (5 Moves)

I'm not as proud of this feat as one should be -- after all, the ranking of my opponent (while not precisely indicative) was only the "default" 1200.  But nonetheless, it is my fastest checkmate thus far, in only 5 moves.

As such for recording purposes, and not so much bragging, I've decided to save a blog showing the flow of the entire game -- so that in the future, I can reflect upon this particular match.

I know that a lot of players hope for the fast checkmates; I am certainly included in that group of players.  Realistically, however, I realize that not a lot of players can be caught in the novice traps of a typical fast checkmate, which is why that if nothing else a win this quickly comes as a bit of a surprise.

Right before this match I was speaking to one of my extremely close friends, geekyknightsforme, about how after several "Live" games, I had begun to doubt my own skill in the game of Chess.  Whereas when I blogged earlier, I had a current "Live" win-to-loss ratio of 83.3%, I am currently standing at 56.5%.  While this quick checkmate does not take away from the fact that I need to not only study the game a little bit more, but improve upon my own skills -- one thing is for certain: maybe I'm not nearly as bad as I was beginning to worry that I had become.


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    This is the fastest for me ;)

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    you could have just done  queen to e6 *checkmate* instead of bishop to c4

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    You could get caught but good moves!

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    Only for biginers

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