forever and always

Dec 11, 2009, 9:31 PM |

"once upon a time i belive it was a tuesday when i caught your eye we caught onto something i hold onto the night you look me in the eyes and tell me you loved me...were u just kidding cuz it seems to me this thing is brreaking down we almost never speak i dont feel welcome anymore baby what happened please tell me cuz one second it was perfect now your half way out the door and i stare at the phone you still havnt called and ya feel so low you cant feel nothin at all and ya flashbakc to when he said forever and alwayssss.. ooh ooh and it rains in ur bedroom everything is wrong it rains when ur here and it rains when your gone cause i was there when you said forever and always..."

                                                                ~taylor swift



"he is sensible and so incredible all my single friends r jealous

 he says everything i need to here and its like i couldnt ask for anything beter

 he opens up my door and i get in his car and he says,you look beautiful tonight and i feel perfectly fine..but ive been screamin and fighting  and kissing in the rain its two A.M and im cursin ur name i was so in love that i acted insane and thats the way i loved you...breakin down and comin undone its a roller coaster kinda rush and i never knew i could feel that much and thats the way i loved you..."

                                                                       ~the way i loved you

                                                                              taylor swift



two of my favs