Chess Challenge a Laughing Matter

Nov 6, 2015, 4:20 PM |

One of my friends invited me to join so we could play against each other over the internet when we are unable to do so in person. So, being new to the site and unfamiliar with the process (which, nonetheless seemed relatively intuitive) I pressed the button that says CHALLENGE just before he did the same on his end. The board in which I played first with the white pieces came up; but I wanted to play defensively. When the second board came up with my friend's challenge I deleted mine. (I suppose there's no need for me to do that next time. We could very well have played two games simultaneously.)

That afternoon, as I was explaining my discovery, I said to him: "When YOU initiate the challenge YOU ARE WHITE; but when I initiate the challenge, I am white and YOU ARE BLACK." At this, he found something funny and started LAUGHING.

I guess the lesson here is that we should either learn to laugh at ourselves or laugh at some of the challenges we face.