Melik and Me

May 23, 2013, 6:44 PM |

    Thanks to everyone who tuned in. I had a lot of fun and more importantly learned a ton(that's 2000). So let's review, first off GM Melik is amazing. Without skipping a beat, time and time again grabs me by the collar and shakes me around, to try and talk some sense into this poor 1100 rated player. 

   Some of the things I've learned from GM Melik are as listed in order of most importance.

  • DON'T play blitz games. A beginning player needs to be playing 30min games or longer, no exception
  • "Meliks' Milkshake", brings all the boys to the yard. 
  • Work on your tactics when you are tired. It will teach the brain to act more effective when in long tournament play.
  • Get a chess book for beginners. GM Melik recommends Garry Kasparovs' beginner book, or Jeff Coakleys' beginner book.
  • When you have one bishop do your best to keep your pawns on opposite color squares
  • Win games!!

There was much, much more! Watch it, you will love it. Learn, play, win. Get some. Plenty more where that came from, so stay tuned.

Thanks, world.

Josh Sampson