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Melik and ME 06/13/13

Jun 13, 2013, 7:37 PM 7

Alright lady's and gentlemen, another great show. I loved it and learned a lot. Lets jump right in. I have commented on many moves, scroll though.

Hope you enjoyed that and here are many more nuggets of information that GM Melik has been homble enough to share.

  • Defence must be as cheap as possible, the least valuble peace should protect the most valuble peace.
  • Don't trade queens if it improves your opponents pawn structure.
  • You must improve your tactic to be good at the end game.
  • Anilize your games without the computer, use your own brain.
  • If you are winning  stay aggressive.
  • If you are pinning a peace build pressure on it.
  • Seggested reading, for end game. "Basic Chess Ending" By Reuben Fine

Thank you everyone for enjoying the ride see you next time on "Melik and ME"

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