Melik and ME

Melik and ME

Mar 12, 2015, 6:43 PM |

   Hi all I hope you enjoyed the show. If you missed it or just want to refresh I have noted a few key pointers.

1. If you have a choice between advancing pawn on the center or the flanks, go for the center.

2. For beginners read the book by "Judgment and Planning in Chess" byMax Euwe. To get most out of your beginning chess experience.

3. Don't start no stuff and there won't be no stuff.

4. There is a big difference betweenprophylaxis and loss of tempo. Be aware.

5. An attack will never fall into your lap. You make a attac happen out of planning otherwise you will make unwise spur O' the moment decisions.

6. In general don't place your King on the same color square as your opponents solo Bishop.

7. Plan, plan, plan, Melik has always said  "a bad plan is better than no plan at all".

8. We do not play material we play square. It's like mama always said It's not how many pawn you got in your pocket, but how many squares you got on your genes.

Rules of chess by Melik

      1. Develop pieces.

      2. Places your pieces on the best squares possible.

      3. Exchange- find your worst pieces anmf their best pieces and trade them.

     4. Make sure your position is healthy, not week squares.

           5. Prophylaxis- only when steps 1-4 have been done then you can start trying to prevent what you opponent might do. Take care of number one and you will take care of number 2.

Thats all. tune in next week for a show that will blow the cheese off the mac. Enjoy life. No blitz